Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Swaps & a Funny...

Here are a few more of the swaps I received. I have discovered so many talented people out there that have such great ideas!! If you ever get the chance to participate in a swap, I highly recommend it. I know I tend to make cards that have the same style, but by participating in a swap, I have more samples for myself and my customers that might inspire us differently than my style.

I hope you enjoy them!

by Susie Wood

by Ruth Anne Lilley

by Lisa Hoffman

A funny story:

So...I've been having trouble with my boys (ages 6 & 3) getting ready to go to bed, then starting in with "I'm hungry," "I'm thirsty," etc, etc, etc. So I've been fussing at them, telling them to "Quit stalling ~ it's time for bed." So, on Wednesday, we were running a little behind getting them ready for bed and I was rushing them through a bath. I got my little one out and started drying him off, when he says, "Momma, I'm stalling. I want something to eat." All I could do was laugh until I cried. You gotta love kids and the things they come off with ~ it definitely keeps life in perspective! Have a great rest of the day!!

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