Friday, August 14, 2009

Wait until you see what I'm sharing today!!

OK...I know I've been gone but I have to share something that I'm really lovin' and is so fantastic you'll forgive me for being absent for so long!!

Have you ever purchased product from Stampin' Up! and it's sat and you're nervous about using it, so you let it sit a little more, and then you start thinking about it again, but then you get nervous again? Well, needless to say that's how I've felt about the Decor Elements vinyl we now carry. I've bought several but I've only played a little...mostly they've sat in their tubes and I worry about putting them on my walls because I'm worried they won't go on right or they won't look right when I get them up and there's no redoing them. But...I finally forced myself to use some I've had for a while. My boys' bathroom is done in dinosaurs...shower curtain, accessories, bath mat, etc. When SU! came out with the dinosaurs in the Decor Elements I knew they would just match perfect and look great. But I kept waiting, trying to decide how I was going to place them in the bathroom, worried that if I put them up too hastily then I would think of another way that I would've liked them better. I finally made myself get over that this week and I finally applied them...

There are 4 dinosaurs, 2 palm trees, and some grass. I placed 1 dinosaur and 1 tree with some grass over the commode, then placed the other 3 dinosaurs, the other tree, and the rest of the grass on the mirror.


Aren't they so cute!? Don't they look great!? And I don't feel like I need to do much else to their bathroom. I did purchase two navy frames from Ikea and I'm going to have each of the boys paint a dinosaur and I'm going to frame them and hang them above the dinosaurs that are above the commode. Trust me when I say this...You need to buy some NOW and just try them in one spot in your home!! They are so easy to apply and you will love them! Plus, when you get tired of them, you take them off without damaging the walls or mirrors (or anything else you find to put them on). Now I cannot wait to find another "perfect" spot for them in my home...and luckily I have a few I've already purchased ~ now I just need to get them on my walls!

So you want to check out all the designs and colors that we offer? Then check it out by clicking on the photo of the brochure below...

Also be sure to click on the link at the top of my right sidebar for the Limited Edition Growth Chart that is being offered. I'm ordering it and putting it in the hallway right outside the boys' bathroom and between their two rooms.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to ask my any questions about this fantastic line ~ the possibilities are endless!!!


Katy said...

Rene, I love them! They go perfectly with your bathroom decor. I am sure the boys are so excited!

Anonymous said...

This is one of the cutest uses of Decor Elements that I've seen. Just gorgeous!